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06 November 2008

The snake head man

Images that are here, not engineering from a graphic design program, not a hand sketches. However, the image is correct.

I along with other residents GEDANGAN SIDOARJO created uproar with the discovery of a creature the human head shape of snakes. The discovery of a strange creature called a jenglot is found by the M Hasanudin (38).

Jenglot this Hasanudin found accidentally 3 weeks ago. When he was sleeping in the front door of his house in Jalan Ahmad Yani glatik alley, Gedangan.
because swelter.

"When I feel sick and can not sleep, and I decided to sleep outside the house. But at around 03.00 WIB, I suddenly awakened, and this being already there in front of me, I think I'm the dream," he said

"I'm sure if I find a creature that will not disturb me, and the most power I give this that there is," he added.

He add, initially did not want to show people, but after a neighbor called Paranormal front of the house and were told if this is not the original false.

To anticipate the things that are not desired, jenglot safekeeping at the police station, Gedangan Sidoarjo.

Approximately bad omen or good-glue for our citizens, considering that LAPINDO until this did not stop rampage.

May God give the best, especially the residents of Sidoarjo Amien ...


uNieQ on November 13, 2008 at 1:08 AM said...

cc kok ngeri ya ngeliadnya??? hgeheheh pada dasarnya siyh memang ngeri aja ngeliad ular..apalagi yg modelnya kek gituuuuu

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