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03 December 2008


Credit System Details Below

You will get about $0.005 / 5 Points for each Unique download, where the minimum file size will be 100 MB & Above..
10000 Unique Downloads = 50000 Points $ 50
20000 Unique Downloads = 100000 Points $ 100
100000 Unique Downloads = 500000 Points $ 500
200000 Unique Downloads = 1000000 Points $ 1,000
1000000 Unique Downloads = 5000000 Points $ 5,000

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Credit System Details for FILES SIZE UP TO 99 MB:
You will get about $0.002 / 2 Points for each Unique download, where the filesize will be in between 20 MB to 99 MB.

If Your filesize is below 20 MB or in between 1 MB to 19 MB, You will get about $0.001 / 1 Points for each Unique download.

10000 Unique Downloads = 20000 Points $20
50000 Unique Downloads = 100000 Points $100
100000 Unique Downloads = 200000 Points $200
500000 Unique Downloads = 1000000 Points $1000
1000000 Unique Downloads = 2000000 Points $2000

You will get $0.10 Referral Bonus, when someone joins with KewlShare through your referral link and uploads his/her first file*!
(where the filesize should be 10mb or more).

Please note:
Files that are duplicated using KewlShare's copy file facility will be given $0.001/1 point per unique download .This is applicable files of all Size.
What is the Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout will be 10$.

Once You reach the minimum payout of 10$ you can make a payout request, and you will get the payment in 12 Business days.
PS:- Saturday and Sunday's are not Business Days

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You should have a valid Paypal account.
You must be logged in while uploading to KewlShare.
Your uploads must honor our terms of service & respect copyrights.
You are disqualified & banned if you try to manipulate your results.

TOS Compliance:
No awards will be given to users whose files violate our terms of service.
What is a qualifying download?
Up to one download per IP address per file per day will be counted.

Absolutely no fraud
You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate the results. Automated mass downloads are easily detected and strictly forbidden.


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